Friday, April 27, 2007

Assorted Links

  1. A super speech by Fed Governor Mishkin on Globalisation and Financial Development. He also talks about the role of institutions in financial development, the topics I had blogged on previously (here and here) He is one of my favourite economists. His papers are one of the simplest to read.
  2. On Hedge Funds (By Brad De Long) . On Hedge Fund salaries.
  3. A good review of Susan Athey's work (mentioned in previous post). Here is David Warsh praising her work. Here is Economist Profiling her work
  4. Lee Iacocca Interview .
  5. Diary of an Investment Banker. How little money they make?
  6. Contronyms?? Find out for yourself

Thanks to Marginal Revolution for 2 (1) & 6, Finance Professor for 2(2), 4 & 5 and New Economist for 3

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